Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Snow Day!

If I was being honest, I would say this winter was a huge disappointment. There was no snow in the lead-up to Christmas, it was unseasonably warm and temperate the whole time.. what's the point in having three fur coats if you can't even wear them?! all those rabbits died for nothing!!

Luckily all that changed this weekend.


Mark and I were sitting at home on Saturday night, because we are married and boring. I was moisturising my elbows, and he was reading internet forums (rockin it!) when I looked outside my window and by god! Snow!

It was so cool. We haven't seen our street in snow because we moved in during Spring, and our street was covered in it! soooooo nice. Snow definitely does things to people. All social boundaries break down and people are just nicer to each other.. (I propose this only happens in climates when snowfall is a rarity, and not say if you lived in the snow all the time - where your instincts are to probably kill each other)

For instance - it was midnight and there were kids running around in the street having snowball fights and building snowmen.. MIDNIGHT! shouldn't you kids be in bed? or at least be under adult supervision? Pedophiles don't stay inside just because its snowing (unless studies have shown otherwise??) Everyone was loving it. I myself was at my window in my dressing gown (old lady!) and waving at groups of 'youths' who I would normally run the other direction from... "yeah come down and play in the snow with us...... we'll build snowmen, and only then will we stab and mug you.." I wasn't going outside even if it was beautiful out there. Once my elbows are moisturised I'm stayin in!

The next morning however I set an alarm!!!! (sick) to get up at 8am so I could go outside and be in the snow. If you take the snow ratio out of that plan, it was me getting up at 8am to cross a dangerous road crossing and go to the park to watch people carry their little plastic bags of dog poo around (so degrading)

However the park was full of families having a ball, building snowmen, frolicking, leaving their frozen snow-poo's on the ground.


Monday however!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the snow melted overnight and it's slushy and icy and horrible and I just want the snow back! Damn this heatwave! (zero degrees)

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