Friday, February 03, 2012

hate nods

this is not a unique situation by any means, but I thought I would share how this situation has unraveled and what we as as a civilized society can do about it.

When Acquaintances Go Bad.

Around this time last year I was doing my comedy course (I have the certificate now! I know what is funny) and my course was run literally around the corner from where I work - this was good because it meant I could finish work and be in class within 2 minutes. It is now bad because I see my course coordinator in the street all the time and we have gone from hugs and kisses/casual chit chat/nods/eyebrow raising/pretending we don't know each other/outright hatred.

Why does this happen?

Is it because as humans we have a low threshold for small talk? or is that just me. I just can't have the same banal conversation about: what do you DO again? 500 times over, and eventually I will just stop talking to you. So yeah this all my fault really.

Saying that - if every time we stopped to chat on the street we could talk about something interesting I would look forward to bumping into you - rather than dreading seeing your balding head come bopping down the road towards me.

Example: "so what are your plans for when all the bees disappear and all life on earth is over because pollination comes to a halt?" well that's obvious - move back to Australia, our bees are fine and in abundance, we will beat your ass at anything athletic and horticultural related - world!

But instead I think we are both doing the "pretending to be on the phone" trick when we see each other. Too Busy! On a phone call! Can't chat about boring shit right now! Which in itself is something we could totally talk about.

I think we need to instigate some sort of hand signal - something which means "I acknowledge your existence, I just can't speak to you. now or ever" something like a Star Trek hand signal?

we're still friends! don't talk to me.

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