Thursday, December 08, 2011

Keep on Rollin, I'm Josh Brolin

Hi, My name is Rachel. I am 5'9. Brunette (not for long). Dislikes: having to check my shoes for spiders. Likes: writing hillbilly songs about Josh Brolin.

I call this one - Josh Brolin, Goes Strollin... off my soon to be released album 'Hillbillies in London'

(banjo's playing)

I just gotta keep on rollin, because my name is Josh Brolin.
Sometimes down the street that i'm strollin, People wave Hi to Josh Brolin.
My Identity was stolen, doesn't matter cos I'm Josh Brolin,
I'll hunt you down and make you swollen, punch you hard cos i'm Josh Brolin.
If you're wife is too controllin, slap that bitch, like Josh Brolin.
I just gotta keep on Tollin, Tollin becuase I'm Josh Brolin.
Imma goin Tempin Bowlin - that's what I do - I'm Josh Brolin.

- Josh Brolin 2011.

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