Thursday, November 10, 2011

Qui Here

So I went to Rome.. again.. I am saying this like it was soooooooooo hard to go to Rome. When you hear the backstory though, you'll allow me for the rolling of eyes at my wondrous adventure tales.

When I first went to Rome in 2005, I was pretty sure Rome was like - the greatest city in the world, however 6 years later and a country on the brink of economic collapse, and I'm not so sure. Maybe that is because I have been to so many places since then (god i'm cool!) but seriously - Rome is good, but it's not the bomb that I once thought it was.

soooooooo seen this already.

Rome is full of gigantic old impressive things. I for one - love gigantic old impressive things. But you see, I've already seen all the old gigantic impressive things... been there! done that! ...........Naples was better.

When I went to Naples last year we stayed with an Italian man in his apartment he lives with his mother but rents out rooms and calls it a B&B. It was pretty weird.. "so this your kitchen... and your mum doesn't speak English" it was like visiting relatives, except we obviously weren't related.. at all. The gist of these Italian weirdos in their B&B apartment was that Naples should be the go-to place of Italy, being that it has wayyyy more old impressive things than Rome, it is actually a UNESCO listed city! You can't walk two feet without seeing something amazing. But everyone is scared of the Mafia in Naples (pure speculation) and Rome is spreading viscous rumors - it's basically a soap opera every day of the year in Italy.

But Rome is in Italy, and Italy is awesome.

I wandered around Rome looking like a slut (apparently) and everybody stared at me all day. Have they not seen a pair of Pins before?!

(i'm not wearing any underpants, and I'm here to see the Pope!)

One of the things I get most pleasure from when I'm on holidays is actually very nerdy and stupid. I love spotting SPACE INVADER artworks... I know this may sound ridiculous in Italy, the global hotspot of amazing artworks, but there is some primal pleasure I get out of finding Space Invaders. I have found them all around London, Amsterdam, New York, and now Rome. Mark & I were walking along on our first night wondering if Space Invader would be in Rome, when we walked out of an alleyway and saw one on the corner of a giant staircase. Score. We high-fived then some local Italian told us about a virtually unknown Michelangelo statue in a church at the top of the staircase - it's like Space Invader was leaving clues for us.

Space Invader at the Vatican!!

Our main reason for going to Rome again was going there with Marks Family, which is good because Mark's dad speaks fluent Italian, the bad being that they are old and crippled and can't walk anywhere...(sooooo slow!! can we walk further than 5 meters without someone having a heart attack)

We ended the trip in Frascati - which is a hillside village whose main attraction is it's Villas.. the Villas are however not open to the public, so you have two options.. look at the church (takes 5 seconds) or watch a pigeon cleaning fleas off itself in the church square.

We rented a Villa which would normally be full of jaunty Italians making noise and having mozzarella ball fights in the ballroom (probably?) but this villa was empty being that it is off-season, so basically we had the place to ourselves to do The Shining re-enactments.


Italy! Qui.

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