Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stoopin NYC style

You know when you have a holiday there is always some sort of theme song that encapsulates the feel of the occasion? Everyone thought that I would come back singing that Alicia Keys song "Newwwwww Yooooooooooork" and not that I didn't hum that a few times, but what really represents the trip for me was when I was sitting at the airport on the way home and the song from Dirty Dancing was stuck in my head
"I've had the time of my liiiiiife...... and I owe it all you youuuuu"

I guess because I did have the time of my life. Nothing beats going to NYC and chillin with your bestie and your bestie's baby whilst wandering the streets of the Lower East Side. Girls Day Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In New York, I had the best: pizza, popcorn, chicken, ribs, bagels, breakfast tapas - all diets are put on hold on a holiday like this. Vegetarian??? good luck. I was up to my eyeballs in rib-meat by the second day.

But mainly - this is a city where I got to go to the Jim Henson exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria (the history of Muppets!!!!) and then go to FAO Schwartz and design my own Muppet.

Introducing Lazlo Monstero:

Lazlo is named after Lazlo MoHoly-Nagy of the MOMA. The MOMA is a funny place - Modern Art is so hit and miss. Blank Canvas', stripes on the wall, a billion paintbrushes glued together, and a hairy teacup.

Lazlo is the star of the latest and greatest Stroggles Filmclip - which will be making its debut sometime in the next few weeks. Till then here is a sneak peak:

This clip is epic and will put me on the map. If the map in question is a weirdo map.

The funny thing is that you can dress like this and dance like a mental patient on an upper east side stoop and no one bats an eyelid. Much like the mental patient rollerskating rink in Central Park which is my favourite place on earth - you got your eclectic skaters, your dancing hobos, and old guys who dance on the spot for hours on end. Obviously I rented a pair of $7 skates from a homeless lady and joined in. Best money ever spent.

We also drank True Blood in the park, and then whilst watching the True Blood finale on HBO. omg HBO. I would die for that.

I was there for the 10 year anniversary of September 11, which was remembered in true NYC style. Flags everywhere!!!!!!! and the buildings lit up in Red, White, and Blue - and the shining lights of the two towers up in the clouds. Amaze.

The problem is that now London is to me what Sydney is to London. Stupid NYC and its fricken off the charts awesomeness... I mean - I brought Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels from the place where the SOUP NAZI eats!!!!!!!!!!!!! the SOUP NAZI! Hello!

Loved it. Best Holiday Ever. Beat that!!!!!!!!!!!! Italy.


Wood said...

Please tell me you had breakfast tapas at Stanton St Social!!!!!!

I can't wait for the clip, maybe we can get some pointers on true moving image professionalism.

Rach said...

is there anywhere else to have breakfast tapas?! Stanton St Social 4evs.

we ordered everything off the menu. sooooooo good.