Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reasons why I hate Coffs Harbour

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned my hatred of Coffs Harbour on here before. Like I would rather be massacred by the mob than have to go undercover in the witness protection program in Coffs Harbour... it wasn't always this way though... I had spent many a childhood day at a Coffs Harbour beach eating delicious - yet racially incorrect biscuits.
Good Times.

However all this changed when I got married and projectile vomited everywhere.

Mark & I decided to drive to our Honeymoon destination, and as much as I detest long boring drives up the north coast, it at least it gave us the opportunity to argue and nag at each other for 8 straight hours.. ahhh married life.

Our first pit-stop before reaching our Honeymoon Destination was Coffs Harbour, we drove all day - and then rather than having a microsleep and driving into an oncoming vehicle - we decided to get a room and relax.

Microsleeps - more dangerous than wearing a shirt like that. To be honest if I saw a guy standing by the road in a loud purple shirt with clocks all over it I would probably crash my car into a tree anyway. Way to go Dr Karl.

Anyway! We got our room, went out for some nice seafood chowder then back to the room for a night of sexy just married times.... we had a spa filled with bubble bath, which after 10 mins of sitting and vibrating in - I had to lurch out of the tub - slide across the floor like slimy legged slug and projectile vomit everywhere.

SO SEXY!!!!!!!!

This is why I hate Coffs Harbour.

Here's a tip - don't eat a seafood chowder then slowly simmer yourself in a scented bubble bath...especially when you've only been married 24 hours.

Bad Times. Very Bad Times.

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