Thursday, September 01, 2011

Put some Stitches on It

So apparently Beyonce is pregnant. Who Cares! (not me). I for one - care not for Beyonce, her music bores me, as does her big hair, tiny hot pants, and fat ass music videos. Could someone explain to me how 3 chicks dancing on a white cyc is the "greatest film clip of all time" ??!

The only good thing to come out of Beyonce's pregnancy, is if she does the typical Beyonce thing: ie "if I am going to be pregnant I am going to be the BEST and MOST pregnant person of all time!" and she re-releases her greatest hits, but remixes them Pregnancy Style.

'There's a baby coming out of my vagina
Put some stitches on it.
If there's a baby coming out of my vagina
Put some stitches on it.
I don't wanna be a whiner
But put some stitches on it.
Whoa oh oh. Oh oh oh.. Oh oh oh."

1 comment:

The Chantal said...

omg did you make that song up, are you like the most brilliant, funniest chick everrrrrr. Yes you are!

I hate Beyonce, why the world loves her so much I dont get it, as for "all you single ladies" music vid, I know right, what the fuck, every1 just a bunch of ass-kissers.

And I'm sorry is she the 1st woman to fall pregnant? is her baby gonna have super powers? she's s full of herself standing around rubbing her stomach, big fucking deal.