Tuesday, August 09, 2011

one spark

last night I watched with unwavering concentration the London Riots unfold. Glued to the constant updates of the riots getting closer and closer to my house. My House. Why would they want to riot around my house?? I fell asleep listening to the BBC, with one ear on alert, so I could quickly pack my bag and strap Lenny to my chest if the Mob ended up outside my house.

It was a relentless news outpouring of mindless violence. And yet - there was no point to it. No point at all. People were wandering why? phone calls asking me why? everyone wanting to know why??

Is the Disaffected Youth a good enough answer?? I don't thinks so.

A young black guy is shot in police cross fire, a protest erupts in the neighborhood, which then spreads across London resulting in heritage buildings being burnt to the ground, apartment blocks on fire, and shopkeepers who will show up to their businesses this morning to a smoldering pile of ashes.

It's not Police Vs The Mob. It's Civilians vs Civilians.

It's disgusting. And yet what makes a 12 year old want to burn a building to the ground?? The police were appealing to the parents to keep an eye on their children. I don't think that is going to make any difference, if you have children willing to smash a building to steal everything from inside it - we failed that child a long time ago.

Kids in this country have it bad enough. You cross the street to avoid walking past them at night. They can't afford a good eduction. They can't get a job. Who is going to listen to their plight now? What did the little Turkish man who runs a newsagent ever do to you?? you destroyed his livelihood for no good reason.

It's hardly making a political statement to burn a Debenhams to the ground. What does a youth being killed in North London have to do with patrons at a restaurant in Notting Hill being mugged? Opportunistic Anarchy is what it is.

And you know who this is worst on? the people who had nothing to do with it. The young kids who didn't decide to lose their minds and start a riot. Honest hard working people who just want to go to work and have a home and go about life as normal. And yet when the retributions start it's the people who don't deserve it that will get the blame.

Already I have seen and heard a load of racist bigotry about who to blame - blacks. immigrants. australians. teenagers. anyone who is different. nice going rioters!! way to set everyone back 50 years. so much for living in the 21st century. The former Mayor of London said that this a mob of youths who is fearless. They have nothing to lose. How did this happen?

It's just senseless. Why burn down a carpet store, yet leave the KFC??

If it turns into another hellish night of fire I know where I am going. Chicken Cottage. no way will they burn that to the ground.

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Michelle said...

I lived in England for the first 8 years of my life and then moved to Australia. My visits there have always filled me with an overwhelming sadness. What happened to this superpower? It's been feeling pretty lacklustre for awhile now. The people have become bitter, and cynical... and the majority of family I left behind seem void of any realisation that there are OPPORTUNITIES in this world. It's hard to put a finger on what went wrong, but I am so glad we got out when we did. Australia may lack history and culture, but I think as a nation we have an effervescence which keeps us progressing.
I go back to visit the people, not the place. Because it just doesn't feel like a great nation anymore.