Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Made in Funda

One of the best shows on the teev this year was Made in Chelsea. It was just sooooooooo stupid and over the top ridiculous, that it could only be awesome. The clothes were awesome, the conversations that ended in long awkward blank stares and silences were awesome, Olly the Bi (but clearly just Gay) and his singer girlfriend were awesome. Then you have Spencer and his model girlfriend Funda - writing new laws of awesomeness in having a complicated and stupid relationship.

Funda was this high class model/dancer, who made herself a six figure salary, and therefore didn't need no mans taking care of her! (swish swish Finger-Z in your face Spencer)

So high class.... she must have been running low on G-String funds hence needed to do this United Stationary Catalogue.. for 2011..

The best one is of her playing peek-a-boo with the scissors. I'm sure if she had acted this carefree with a love of stationary Spencer wouldn't have dumped her, then gone to the south of France with Caggie, and professed his undying love for her, then had to endure a really awkward fancy garden BBQ when Funda walks in and is all "wtf spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

sooooooooo awesome.


The Chantal said...

lol now I wanna watch it! is it like a Jersey Shore type thing?

Rach said...

it's like Jersey Shore but with vacuous london millionaire snobs

soooooooooooooo good.