Monday, August 01, 2011

Jurassic Window Box

A lot of things make me uncomfortable. People leaning in too close during a conversation. People with BO stenching it up during a conversation. Thinking people can hear me whilst on the toilet.

And now - Mysterious Plants from Nowhere.

When we moved into our apartment the kitchen had a herb kitchen box... which was essentially a dead and brown things kitchen box. (no love. the previous tenants gave it no love). I tried to salvage it.. The Thyme grew in, the Rosemary Twigs had about 3 green leaves come in... and then the mystery thriving plant from nowhere shows up.
This plant is the healthiest most thriving plant I have ever seen. It can survive anything. Neglect. Hatred. And curse words yelled at it intermittently in between cooking pasta dishes.

"What the F@* are you!!! Where the F*% did you come from?! you F*%ing creepy-ass plant!!"

Where did it come from!?!?! What is it!!! Why is it in my window box!! Is it dangerous? It reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Dr Ellie Sattler finds the giant green leaf, then a Brachiosaurus appears from nowhere. This is why I can't look out my kitchen window anymore. Now I don't have a naked tree to hide me from the neighbours, I don't know whose watching me. You never know when a perverted Brontosaurus might be looking at you through the window. Especially when Plants from the Triassic Period appear from nowhere.


Sez said...

That, is a dandelion style weed. Hence why it just showed up, several stories up. The seeds have sails. ( I have plenty of these myself in my completely neglected garden. )

Rach said...

Dandelions!!! those flying minions!