Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gyroball strikes Again

Lenny has been throwing up a lot. When I say a lot, I mean - he's been throwing up consistently about once a week for several months. Generally we just vacuum up the spew and tell Lenny to quit licking his sack all night then you won't throw up hairballs all morning.

Then one morning we thought we should maybe take him to the vet - after all, if there is something wrong with our fur-baby I want to know about it now. So I can start putting money aside into the Clone fund, and so we took Lenny to the vet and they diagnosed him simply as being bored.

Bored! Yeah I could think of a few things you could do to relieve the boredom that don't involve yacking it up all over the rug every morning. Like claw a couch to shreds or something?? Anyway - the vet said we needed to add more stimulation to Lenny's life and hence the Gyroball made it's way into our lives.

When we were high in Amsterdam - we got sucked into watching the home shopping network.. first we laughed at Chuck Norris' exercise equipment and then an ad for the Gyroball came on. Now the Gyroball is some magical ball built for messy little kids - you put whatever you want in the magic ball and no matter what happens - gravity will be defied and your milk and cereal will never end up on the floor. You can even put dog-poo in it and it will become edible!! (ok - maybe I just made that part up) the point is - we totally got suckered into wanting one of these Gyroballs. Imagine throwing a bowl of pasta across the room and none going on the floor!! amazing.

Apparently the masterminds who make Gyroball also make Gyroball for Cats - the aim being that the cats play with Gyroball and little crunchie treats will be released.

Yeah that's only going to work if your cat has trained with NASA astronauts.

Lenny is by no means a stupid cat - but he did fall off a ledge once, and he gets consistently stuck in the cupboard for hours at a time.. I mean - there is no way he is winning a cat show intelligence category anytime soon.

I don't think he even knows what the magical ball of food is - and he certainly isn't going to play with it anytime soon. He just walks around looking like he wants to kill us for inflicting such a stupid item in front of him deemed as 'play' when we all know Lenny's favourite thing to do as 'play' is sticking his butt in your face when you in the bed of a morning.

The vet also sold us a cat toothbrush that if possible has been embraced more than the Gyroball. That vet saw a couple of suckers a mile away.

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JNCL said...

You need to check into Monty Python's "Confuse-a-Cat" service. They can stimulate any cat into hyperactivity!
JNCL from "The Beauty of Eclecticism" (http://eclecticismjncl.blogspot.com)