Thursday, August 25, 2011

and the award for best Shoe goes to....

I had a party to go to last night. I like to party. Except I was still feeling internally rank from my Tuesday sickness. But I soldiered on.. I packed an outfit and made it through the day until it was finally Party-Time. And that is when I realised I had forgotten one very important aspect of the outfit. Shoes. And furthermore to that I also forgot to shave my legs. And the party was somewhere super fancy, and standing there with my rank shoes and leg hairs blowing in the wind was not going to cut it!

So I improvised. I disguised my Yeti-Legs with moisturiser... ahh moisturiser, it's like leggings in liquid form. Stick those hairs down. And then I went down to the magical end of the building - the fashion section.

I love the fashion section. Many a day at work is spent just trying on clothes and hanging out in the dumpster doing fashion shoots. So I knew exactly what shoes I wanted to borrow.
Unfortunately I didn't have my David Bowie from Outer Space outfit that day, but I did have the shoes. And my shoes were the best shoes at the party. Which was a great thing. There is something fab about having the best shoes at the party, even when they aren't even your shoes, and you could never in a million years own those shoes because they are designed for people like Madonna and Lady Gaga to wear whilst doing media interviews.

Now if only there was a way to have the Best Hair in the World....

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