Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weezer Woo Woo What??

I saw Weezer!!!!

I fucking love Weezer!!

I crank up my spotify account everyday and listen to the entire catalogue of Weezer, then I listen to the radiohead catalogue, then if I have enough time I go back to Weezer again. I used to stalk their fan sites, and official websites, and their gay myspace site (who uses that? oh yeah noone. and I just heard that Justin Timblerlake brought it and is going to revamp it - clearly his role in The Social Network went to his head. dick.) ANYWAY! I used to trawl through all these sites on a weekly basis looking for touring dates. Week after Week, nothing. A big empty NO UPCOMING TOURS on every page. Like a knife to my heart those words were.

Then obviously - for this story to move forward, I found out they were touring. London! So I brought tickets. Sooo exciting. You see - I don't think Weezer have ever put out a bad album. Even their latest album Hurley is amaze-balls. So I was super psyched about it.

Finally the night of Weezer at the Brixton Academy (one of my favourite venues)

SIDETRACK: The Brixton Academy is an amazing venue, it has a beautiful art deco interior, which is reminscent of Shakesphere's Globe - with many a balcony that you can imagine there being an actor booming out to the audience below for a performance of Hamlet. I can also totally imagine Prince playing here - and doing a 2011 Batdance Tour. Where he plays all his songs from the 1989 Batman Soundtrack - whilst dressed as Batman/Bruce Wayne/the Joker/Vicky Vale, and Parkouring from one balcony to the next. That would be a fricken awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pay way more than £30 to see that shit.

BACK TO THE STORY: Brixton Academy. Rocking it. Weezer come out and I am impressed to see they have made the effort to at least put some props on the stage (unlike Cyndi "no show" Lauper) A giant golden backdrop covers the stage and the words WEEZER jump out at the crowd. Oh yeah we know who we're here to see. We're here to see Weezer! Now hurry up already.

Their first song is 'The Sweater Song' classic. I love when a band plays a favourite first up. It's so annoying when you have to wait for the encore to hear the song that you came here to go mental to. Everyone goes nuts. Then every song after that was from either the Blue Album, The Green Album, and Pinkerton. So basically it was a concert for the Austisic Superfans.

I felt sorry for the people who weren't mega Weezer fans - because if you only knew the "hits" and songs from Hurley - then good luck singing along with anything.

The best part no 1: was when they did a cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" which I don't think half the crowd realised wasn't a Weezer song "Omg man I love this song!! I didn't realise the did this song!!" umm they don't.. I like to think that Weezer did it as a nod to all the idiots who think that they did do it - hey Wheatus starts with W - same shit right!

the best part no 2: after listening to 2 hours of the B-Sides of the Pinkerton Album, they did one final song for the night - and it was Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'. Soooo awesome, and kinda made me wish I was at a Radioehead concert instead.

Now off to do a weekly check of every Radiohead website looking for tour dates! Persistence Pays Off!

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