Monday, July 25, 2011

Lemmy Longbottom

I think I have magical casting powers.. I really should come back in a new life as a Casting Director because I have ideas!!!! Crazy Crazy Ideas!!!

This is my latest idea: to enhance the careers of the Harry Potter stars post H-P stardom.

First of all - no one wants to be pigeonholed into that one role the rest of their life - once you do that you never recover and no one knows what your real name is anymore, and you have to make restaurant reservations under your character name:

And this is the enormous hurdle facing all the Harry Potter kids from this day forward. When Emma Watson graduates Uni, they'll all be chanting 'Hermione! Hermione!'.. all the Ginger Fetish Girls will be calling out 'Ronnnnnn!!!!' into the cracked leather of the taxi cab (when he's doing them from behind) and good luck Harry.. Good Luck. Those three can't really be saved from a life of mediocre name-calling - however are a few who can... Luna, the Weasley Twins, and Neville Longbottom.

So here is what I propose for Neville..

No one wants to go through a life of being the Plant Loving Nerd.. And what is the polar opposite of a plant loving nerd?? the God and Master of Rock & Roll.

It is written that at the end of time, after all the dust of nuclear fallout has subsided, all that will have survived is cockroaches, and Lemmy.

So what better role for Neville Nerdo Longbottom! I mean - obviously the first hurdle in this casting decision of mine, is that the movie doesn't exist yet.. a minor hurdle... because I am sure that at this moment, some superfan is busy writing this screenplay.

Neville Longbottom for Lemmy!!! Join the petition now!

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