Sunday, July 10, 2011


my favourite band at the moment is Ladytron. I want to be in Ladytron. I am buying a keyboard and some laser beams so I can form a one person Ladytron Tribute Band.
Ladytron played at the Kentish Town Forum on a Tuesday Night, and of course I was there. Yes you heard that right.. on a Tuesday Night. What kind of idiot put that schedule together??!

Everyone who was there to see Ladytron were mega Ladytron fans. And given that Ladytron play sic electronic beats combined with a darkness and harmony that no other comes close to - we all wanted to go OFFF!!!!!!!!!

But it was a Tuesday Night.. at 9.30pm.

So we all just kinda stood around bobbing our heads and swaying our knees from side to side.

They were SO good. But the crowd wanted the concert to be at 2am at the end of a festival closing it in the rain to the throngs of 20,000 screaming fans.

Instead we were in Kentish Town. and the curfew was 11pm. I feel sorry for all the people who took their drugs at 8pm and then had no where to go because even the coke heads and pingers are at home doing the laundry on a Tuesday night to get prepared for the coming weekend.

I love after the concert is over and listening to the other people talk about what they thought, and one person said this "Ladytron is a band's band. An appreciation band" - which basically means - I love this band, but I am too busy 'appreciating' them standing and listening to go ape-shit for them.

I did though. Me and the 4 people who I corralled together in my 'goin off' corner.

Destroy Everything You Touch

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