Sunday, July 10, 2011

In my head - they were better

Ever since moving to London I see a lot of concerts. Everything costs £30.. Everything. It's so weird. So if it's £30 then fuck it - I'm gonna go see it. A few years ago a friend of mine said "we should go see Cyndi Lauper" whilst she was touring Sydney - and me being the giant cynic that I am - said "she is wayyy past it - who wants to see a 90 year old Cyndi Lauper prancing around on stage??"

Cue to 3 years later: Me. I do.

I brought tickets to see Cyndi Lauper (£30) - she was playing at the Hammersmith Apollo, and half my reasons for booking to see these acts is because I want to be in these mammoth buildings where countless legends have performed, so see if I can suck up some of their enzymes of awesomeness that are still somehow stuck in the walls. The Hammersmith Apollo is where it all happens. Johnny Cash's sweat, David Bowies eyeshadow remnants- these could still be here if I suck it up hard enough.

Oh and Cyndi Lauper too.. but she was shit.

I have to admit - that I wouldn't see Cyndi Lauper in Sydney, because I thought it would be disappointing.. I feel that acts try harder in London in because it has such a rich musical history, and let's face it - the crowd is judging you on this. This is how amazing I thought Cyndi would be:
more wrinkly, but also some fireworks, and maybe some 3D fireworks considering she is performing in the future (we are living in it).

Let's recap shall we:

Stage - none
Fireworks - none
Wrinkles - none - it must be hard to sing when your face doesn't move.

She performed on the blank Hammersmith Apollo stage on nothing but Black Plinths. seriously - I would have expected you to be better than that. No Glitter. No Lights. No Colour.

How can you sing True Colours if you don't even have any on the stage??

Oh yeah. She didn't

Boo You Cyndi!!!! You are only good if we can all get into a time machine and go back to the 80's when you mine.

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