Friday, July 29, 2011

Champagne Charlie

'Memba This!! Tony Soprano Robbed Me.

Well guess who was caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To be honest I don't think this guy lives up to the name 'Champagne Charlie' - this sort of thug nickname is more fitting to a guy with an expensive suit, not a guy who looks like the guy from the Money Supermarket commercials.

The good thing to know is that we weren't the only retards sucked into his Champagne Scam. To this day, I still laugh whenever someone mentions Cristal.

Yeahhh you want some Cristal??? I got some leftover from a big party.. the Gallagher's were at it.


I hope you enjoy jail Mr Clugston. You won't be getting showered in champagne in that place I can guarantee you.

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