Monday, June 13, 2011

Woop Woop

I love how Australians have such deep set colloquialisms that when we say them in different countries we don't think for two seconds that the person on the receiving end will have no idea what we are talking about..

I'm not even talking about lame sayings that Alf on Home & Away has put through the ringer making us a bigger bogan laughing stock than they already perceived us to be.. no I'm talking about words that are so ingrained in our psyche that we wouldn't pause for two seconds when immersed in a conversation because it wouldn't even cross our minds for a second that the other person is only going to return to us a blank stare, and eventually a 'what the hell are you talking about'

I'm talking bout Woop Woop.

Now any Australian knows immediately what I'm talkin bout when I say i'm talkin bout Woop Woop.

Now if you've never heard the term 'Woop Woop' I'll let you in on what it means: Woop Woop is a mystical destination. A destination that far outreaches our actual willingness to go to said destination. Calling something 'Woop Woop' means.. "that is too goddam far to travel to. I aint travellin to Woop Woop"

Woop Woop can be based on one's particular spatial awareness and thus the variances of distances pertaining to Woop Woop can change many times.

Me + Go Far Away = Not enough time spent slothing on couch in underpants eating Watermelon all afternoon. Probable Outcome = Not going to Woop Woop today.

Scenario: It is a lovely sunny weekend and the parents who live an hour and a half drive away want you to come visit for the afternoon. Your brain works out the variables of this time consuming equation: (Drive Far = Parents live in Woop Woop. Not going)

Scenario: Need to go to the giant shopping centre to purchase something trivial and boring (like some sort of TV cable) and there will be no fun to be had (like frozen yogurt and buying new bra). Outcome = that mall is in Woop Woop

Scenario: I am on the couch in sideways tv watching nap mode and I need a glass of Apple Juice. However I will choose to thirst to death because the refrigerator is in Woop Woop.

Woop Woop pertains to pretty much any distance of travel that one would choose not to travel.

The Moon however is not in Woop Woop because the Moon is awesome and I would go there in a second.

Howeva Ya Mum Lives in Woop Woop

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