Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Whinge Power

You know when you're a kid (read - up to about 16 years of age) and you reallllllllllllly want something badly, like you won't be complete without it. These are some pointless things I moaned about wanting - my life would be pointless without them..

I wanted Popples. Badly. I didn't just want one or two either - I wanted every kind of Popple. They were the best stuffed toy ever!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, a toy that can turn itself inside out! and you can store things in its pouch - talk about a marsupial wonderland of polyester. I was way drunk on popples till I was about 10.. then they went into the plastic bag of eternal sadness.

I know what you're thinking - why would a 14 year old girl from Australia covet a pair of stupid ice hockey skates???! ummmmmmmmmmm A BOY obviously!! I mean why else?? we don't even have any ice to skate on in our sunburnt country. Just try riding a pair of ice-skates down a gravel road, talk about an incessant spark fest and face planting. DUMB! Of course I knew I would never win the heart of the ice rink heart-throb if I didn't have ice-skates.. so I whinged and moaned and made it my birthday and Christmas present.. and then he started going out with a girl called Collette and I never wore those dumb ice skates again. In the Cupboard to Dusty Heaven you go!!!!

To be honest - having a drum kit is probably the best thing I ever nagged my way into getting. Drum Kits are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! so much noise! Banging and Crashing, and playing along to 'wipe out'......... but you kinda need a band to go with that drum kit. The last time I checked there is no one out there doing a solo drum kit act at music festivals. No Bandmates = Lame Ass Pointless Drum Kit. So I sold it..for a guitar. But then my friends got some instruments, and we didn't have a drum kit anymore- instead we had two guitarists, and what kind of stupid band has no percussion section??!

And that is why I am not in a famous band.

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