Friday, March 11, 2011

Get out the Good Cheds

Since moving to London I have gone without a lot of things. Sunshine, Nasal Twangs, and Cheds!
Seriously is anything better than Cheds??
(its hard to picture the awesome-ness oozing off the box)

It's been 15 months and I cracked and went to the Saddest Place on Earth - aka: The Australia Shop.

The Australia Shop is this sad place in Covent Garden that caters for Australians living overseas who get a hankerin for some homestyle preservatives. And it's sad because when you decide you have to go to the Australia shop to get your fix, you have desperation coming out of every orifice. They know this and they are going to take you for every pretty penny.

The Australia Shop is dimly lit, exorbitant prices, everything going out of date within the month, and loads of random Canadian and NZ things that have somehow snuck in (can't the stockist read the sign?? its the Straya Shop!!!) The aisles are brimming with all sorts of awesome shit you've forgotten about: ie - Summer Rolls, Pizza Shapes and Cheds. How the fuck could I have forgotten about Cheds??

Needless to say we dropped an offensive amount of money, and walked out of there with a bag full to brim with Australian-ness cupboard snacks.

Which now poses the question - what sort of occasion is good enough to get the Cheds out?? I think the only acceptable occasion is Kate Middleton's hens night, I'll be invited of course, because I am exotic and I bring the Cheds.

I need some Cristal to wash down this cheesey greatness.

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brownhairblueribbon said...

OMG! (lol rolf etc) I just yesterday sent a medium Aust Post box of Cheds to my sister in Berlin.
Me: "so I will send you some tim-tams with your order of bonds undies"
Her: "no we have chocolate, but send me cheds"

Cheds are more important then Tim Tams. (imho)