Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eviction Den

I have always had some form of furniture re-arranging OCD. My surroundings have to be perfect, otherwise I just don't feel comfortable. I could sit and re-organise m DVD collection, and alphabetise my books, and move couches around all day long. Then you have to consider the artwork on the walls and the rugs on the floors and the lighting scheme - dimmer switches, lamps with low wattage bulbs. It usually takes me about a year to get an apartment looking perfect - because every space is different and you need to work the room for all its advantages.

This is why it was hard to leave Sydney to move to London, Our apartment was perfect. The couch, the art, the bookshelf, the rug, the shoe rack, the wardrobe, the quilt cover. 5 years of perfection..... then we moved. The prospect of having to start from scratch was one of the main things that was freaking me out about moving... "but I just got it all exactly the way I want it!!!! I can't move now!"

But we did.. and the most stressful part of the move was finding our apartment. Which when we did was an excellent choice.... but yes, we did have to start from scratch making it nice again and 13 months later I was finally able to settle down my my chair and look around the place and think "yessssss. its perfect. let's never move"

Which is really fucking annoying because 1 week after this moment, the landlord evicted us.

You don't even understand my rage. But I have come up with a new plan to lesson the pain of looking for a new place.

Which essentially means turning my current apartment into a cracken, and you know what - it's fucking liberating!!!

first step is to put away all the nice knick knacks/photo's/books/meaningful possessions - put them in box and hide them away.. once you can disassociate from your possessions you can deal with anything in your personal space.

I think over the coming weeks we'll crank it up a notch - move the mattress into the lounge room. letting Lenny shit on the floor...eating pasta from plastic plates on the ground and leaving them there to rot.

The funniest part of this segue into madness, is that we are having real estate agents come over and show prospective buyers the place, so it will be funny to move our bookcase into the shower and start sleeping in the kitchen with a bike on our mattress.

"what?? don't judge me for using my couch as a bbq to cook lamb chops.. racist"

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