Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cat is out of the Bag

Only this could happen to us..

So, they are selling our apartment, and we have to move. In order to sell the apartment they needed to send over a professional photographer to take some pics for the real estate website.

They did a good job.

This is where the magic happens:

this is where I make pasta and dance:

and this is our loungeroom:

pretty nice huh! do we know how to decorate an apartment or what? what a minute... slow up a second - what is that??? is that a cat??????????


oooooooooh hey Lenman!! What are you doing there?? Aren't you supposed to be in Sydney?? ie: not in London?? because we aren't supposed to have a cat in London.

Hilarious. Lenny is global world wide famous now. And NO he doesn't come with the apartment.

He's a "ghost cat" if anyone asks. You pay extra for Ghost Cats in London.


sharnee said...

Hahahaha, that is a classic!

Fen said...

*waves at Lenny*

one of my cats did the same thing when i sold my house, little ratbag. My current cat appeared on tv recently, my ex flattie was on a tv show & they filmed him at our house, with the cat being nutty in the background!