Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tony Soprano Robbed Me

That's Right. Tony Soprano Robbed Me. When I say Me, however I mean my boss.

So, its a Tuesday afternoon, I'm chillin at work - watching the afternoon movie, eating a big bowl of popcorn, (busy) when a man who looks exactly like Tony Soprano breezes in the door and demands to speak to my boss, he asks for him by name and says its a personal matter.

Apparently he was in the area selling Cristal, (Cristal that's fallen off the back of a truck, if you know what I mean..) and would we like to buy 5 cases?? Well Yes, my boss would like to buy 5 cases, and throw in another 7 cases whilst you're at it. So off he goes with the envelope of £1200 of my bosses cash and walks around the corner and is never seen again.

seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of man robs people whilst they are at work in the middle of the day!!?!

This is the truly hilarious part though - the part that made it clearly obvious that this guy was an up to no good criminal: his professional criminal routine involves name dropping Liam and Noel Gallagher..

MASTER CRIMINAL: "so I'm just doing some catering for a party at a studio with Liam and Noel...."

ME: "Liam and Noel?? Gallagher??"

MASTER CRIMINAL: "yes, yes, how about I drop some invites off for you for a party they are going to be at tomorrow night"

HA! Everyone with half a brain knows that Liam and Noel Gallagher wouldn't be seen dead together at a Christmas Party considering how much they hate each other. That was my first clue.

There are police coming to take a police report. Hope they wear those funny hats.

Suspect: 50 year old man with olive skin, a rough look in his eye, in an expensive grey suit, about 5"8, portly body, selling pretend Cristal and inviting people to parties with Liam and Noel Gallagher.


Amy said...

This is one of my favourite posts on any blog, ever.

Anonymous said...

Ha, british police have epic hats

Rach said...

i would also like to add that he totally stole my pen and post it notes.

its like Ocean 11 happening before my eyes.