Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Reality

My Problems:

There is no eggnog anywhere in London!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been traipsing across the land to every starbucks I can find only to pathetically whimper to the harassed cashier "do you have nogg??" to which they reply "of course I do you idiot! it's Christmas time!!!!" or "no way, you fat fucks drank it all". Tomorrow I am getting up extra early to go to a shop that is in no way near my tube because I know they have eggnog. Why must I suffer so much this time of year in my search for nogg?? don't the nogg suppliers know its snowing out there!!!

Real Problems:

I haven't eaten in 2 years. Everyone I'm related to died of AIDS, I'm HIV positive and I have to walk 5 hours a day to get the ARV's that are the only thing barely keeping me alive. I don't even know wtf Christmas is.


suze2000 said...

Why don't you just google eggnogg and make some?

Rach said...

bah! making.. requires. effort.