Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things you may not know about Famous Cats

I've never met anyone really famous or really cool in my life. So I was obviously super stoked when it was confirmed that we would be shooting a Whiskers commercial in the studio.

I love cats, I love commercials with cats, I couldn't wait to meet the most famous cat of all - The Whiskers Cat

(obviously the most famous cat is the Cheshire cat, but unless I take 50 tabs of acid I am unlikely to meet him - so for now the Whiskers cat will have to do)

What would the cat be like? Does he have an array of cat assistants? Does he have his own trailer? Will he only eat a freshly caught Norwegian Salmon??

The Whiskers Cat is actually a girl.
A kitten girl.
They use 3 identical kittens for the role.
They use kittens because it makes the product look bigger.

I figured that this famous trio would be well versed in the acting that would be required of them on the day (look cute/jump around in christmas tree/play with christmas balls/eat food out of hand) I assumed they had been up all night reading through the script and practising their christmas repertoire.

Apparently not.

They aren't even actor cats! They are just cats!
And to make them do actions you just throw things in the air and make noises.

Pffffffffft. I could do that.

At least they have being cute on their side.


KittyMeow said...

adorable! I didn't know they used kittens but I figured they used more than one kitteh - There was a number of Babe piggies when they were making THAT film :-D

Anonymous said...

naaw! I didn't realise they were kittens either. Cute! I want to snuggle the heck out of that kitty.

surfercam said...

Will never be as cute as a puppy....