Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet my Fermy

Everyone is having babies right now. Having Babies. Making Babies. Planning Babies.

Someone I know had a baby yesterday whom she named "starr".. good work! Should I donate some money now for her breast surgery and plane ticket to the trailer park to be a Born-Again Christian, stripper pornstar. Seriously, what kind of name is that.

I have a baby too.
I birthed him into my apple juice this morning.

Look how cute he is!! With his no legs floating around two bubbles for eyeballs cuteness!

I think he could have a career as a ghoul if they were ever to do another Ghostbusters movie.

Oh god I'm a stage mother!!!!!!!

1 comment:

sharnee said...

No joke, when I worked in a sex shop in Canberra (STRICTLY behind the counter sales assistant role!) we did have peep show girls and one of them was called Starr. With two "r"s.

She worked at Coles during the day and the sex shop by night.

ps: WTF is that in the juice?