Friday, November 05, 2010

Lesbian Bieber

Justin Bieber creeps me out.

He looks like a girl. And not in a good "Orlando Bloom" way either.

He looks like a girl like he looks like a girl. Exactly like a girl. I think he has a vagina. I wouldn't put it past the music industry to tart up a good singing pre-teen vagina as a boy for the purposes of selling records. I don't understand what's to love about him? He doesn't even have pubes. That shit is just a whole mess of illegal wrongness.. then they throw the book at us for having sexy times with our 2nd Grade students... Mary Kay Letournou, I'm lookin in your direction.

The problem is that this girl/boy is completely confusing the fuck out of a generation of underage tweens who will are being willingly lead down the road to lesbianism. Justin Beiber is the lesbian patch. Not that there is anything wrong with being a lesbian. Every girl is a lesbian up until year 9. I think that Lesbian Music Industry Leaders are trying to take over the world! This is their first step!

Oooh you like Justin Bieber, well maybe you'd like to be part of my all girl muff rub group too??

It's only a matter of time before all the men in the world have been phased out and kept as pets and living ladders for reaching high things.

Thank God for my Vagina!

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