Monday, November 08, 2010

Jesus Routine

I have decided that it's time to learn. Time to learn how to be funny. For Reals. So my Christmas present to myself this year is doing a Stand Up Comedy course where I will learn the art of being funny, and writing funny, and probably looking funny. I already have my outfit planned - nothing is funnier than tight jeans/sneakers and zany socks!!.. maybe?? I do need to learn the art of being professionally funny.

So I have been slowly putting together a routine, that will mostly fall around the subjects of:

My husband is retarded
My husband did the stupidest thing yesterday
My husbands penis is weird
My husband looks funny - just look at him (spotlight shines on him in audience)

Sucks to be My Husband.

But then I thought I should probably put some other jokes in there, and then this came to me:

"people always give me shit about being an only child, like it's a bad thing, when his happens I just remind myself that Jesus was an only child and nothing bad ever happened to him...."

then someone told me that apparently he did have brothers and sisters. pfffffft. no one teaches you that in school. I guess it's hard to top the story of Jesus the "spotlight hog", being Jesus's brother is probably way worse than being a Baldwin.

At any rate I think my joke was funny. Being factually correct isn't a huge factor in my routine, and if it falls flat due to lack of research.... have you met my husband?? man is he retarded. He has like 5 outfits he puts on before we can go to bed.

Marriage. the number one reason for Comedy Routines.

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Michelle said...

LEave it in!! I like the bit about the Baldwins too!