Monday, October 04, 2010

5 Years!

Wooo Hoo Weeee. Happy Blogaversary for Me!

5 Years!

5 Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

Think of all the things I could have accompished... written War and Peace 2, written a screenplay for something to rival the Godfather (The Godmother) Raised a 5 year old and be whinging about dropping my kid off at kindy. Ahh think of all those imagination good times.

To think it all started here because I couldn't help myself stealing lettuce from Woolworths.

Here is a picture to celebrate.

Lenny looks pretty excited.
He is just excited because he ate all the catfood in London.
He is going onto Weight Watchers.
Let's see what else can transpire over the next 5 years, and if I will be able to download my thoughts straight onto my blog with the power of technology advances in the future. Weeee.



Anonymous said...

Dear Rach
I fricking love your blog.
Thank you for all the laughs, and that awesome day when I first found your blog and spent all day at work reading the archives and loling and all my work mates thought I was drunk or something.


The Chantal said...

congratulations!!! it's not easy to keep something going for 5 yrs.

you are by far the most entertaining, funniest, breath of fresh air on the internet for me. this blog should be fucking famous man, you're awesome!

Fen said...

Happy Blogoversary. I'm scared Lenny's gonna kill someone! ;)

po said...

Your blog is wicked funny. Although, that post with the skin, that freaked me out more than anything I have ever seen on a blog. I still have issues to resolve over the skin.