Monday, September 20, 2010

Tiamo Praiano

One thing I really wanted to do this year was go to the south of Italy and reenact the scene from The Talented Mr Ripley where Matt Damon kills Jude Law in a boat off the Amalfi Coast.. upon closer inspection however all the killing takes place in San Remo... but alas the trip was not a total loss.

First up though - Naples. Everyone who we spoke to said to avoid Naples because it is a shithole and a dangerous place where you will get stabbed and die. The thing is, people tell you this about every place you go to... Naples was awesome though, and all the people who are avoiding it are missing out. The thing is if you are driving through Naples to get to the airport ofcourse you will think its a shithole - nowhere has a good drive to the aiport, I wouldn't spend two seconds in Sydney if all I had seen was Cambelltown and Botany Bay.

We stayed at a B&B, and the guy who ran it said that there are many things in Naples that you will only see in Naples. ie: having to put 10p into a slot to use the elevator. The centre of Naples has an extrememly high content of UNESCO world heritage buidlings, which essentially means you cant walk 500m without stumbing into an amazing Duomo.

Alas we only had the morning to spend in Naples because we had to drive to the Amalfi Coast, via Pompei.

Pompei: I really feel sorry for those guys, first up an Earthquake destroys all their houses then after they have got the renovations 99% finished, a volcano erupts and destroys everything. sad times for Pompei.

Now we drive to the Amalfi Coast... and driving is crazy. They have traffic lights, but do you think any of these are turned on?? ha. It's a sea of hectic crazy traffic merging and doing whatever the hell it wants, but then again, you can do whatever the hell you want, so it all works out. That isn't to say we werent having a heart attack the whole time.

The Amalfi Coast is about an hours drive from Pompei, well it would be if it weren't for the teeny tiny roads.. how can two SITA buses pass each other on a road fit for one car?? anything is possible on the road to the amalfi coast.

We rented an apartment for the week in the village of Praiano, which is in between Positano and Amalfi along the Mediterranean. aka: Heaven.

Praiano is a little fishermans village with the best seafood I have ever had, we would go to a restaurant called Il Pirata and there would be a fisherman catching squid below us and selling it to the chef. Fresh!!

Our days were spent: walking the tunnel of death to the village shops for Croissants, and spending our days at One Fire Beach, listening to Jazz & 80's.

Day Trip: Isle of Capri (expensive) two cokes and a cheese sandwich will set you back €25. But the beaches are so nice it's worth it.

Day Trip: Positano.. picturesque and full of americans who don't speak one word of Italian "what does no mean??" hmm thats a tough one.

Day Trip: Sorrento - the gold coast of the amalfi coast.

Day Trip: Ravello - mountains and villas.

Loved the Amalfi Coast so much. I could live here, be a fisherman and catch squid for a living, except that I hate fishing and touching a live squid would make me vomit.

Whilst Praiano wasn't the right setting to reenact The Talented Mr Ripley, it was the perfect setting to be in The Goonies. Rocky Enclaves, aquamarine water, caves and back in the day - Pirates.

Heyyyyy Yoooooouuuuuuuuu Guuuuuuuyssssss


Wood said...

Are we the same person? I too went to the South of Italy recently. Went to Pompei (did you see the brothel??!). Thought Naples was cool and people are stupid for telling you not to go. Also got riped off in Capri. I have a 'slap tan' from where I slapped myself with sunscreen and then burnt some finger marks into my legs. No peeling yet though.

Rach said...

We might be the same person, i often wake up on tubes not knowing where I am going to.

OOh didn't see the brothel. I laughed at the tours being given around Pompei by the 'official tour guides' for €100 per person
"and here is a fountain..."
um no shit.

i think my burning to a crisp came in handy beforehand, and I intend to do the same thing again next year.

Wood said...

North London is mine. So is the East. But you can have the West. We can share the South.

I can't believe you missed the brothel. You didn't even need the official tour. Sexual positions painted that you point to. I think I might make a flip chart for the bedroom.