Friday, September 24, 2010

Lenny's Lives

I have come to the realisation that Lenny is just too stupid to be left to own devices, it's like every time I turn my back he's falling off window sills and eating medication that could kill him.

Which turns me into a nut.

Having to have one eye on the window at all times if it is open.
Having to hide in the dark with the door shut if I want to take a pill.
Don't even start me about getting other people to babysit.. "yeah he's really quite good, except he might you know.. eat your brush and die..."

last night I was lying around watching guilty pleasure tv (the hills. oh god yes) and then I realise "hmm lenny hasn't been out here in awhile" and normally he loves it when we hang on the couch together and watch the hills, he likes to give the tv a good side-eye and smirk when that knob Justin Bobby comes on the screen.

But alas, he was nowhere to be found.

That is until I found him trying to eat a piece of ribbon.

We had been playing with the ribbon earlier, running around the bedroom, playing 'chase the ribbon!!" then I left when the fun of the ribbon has run its course.

Lenny obviously had some final words he wanted to add to the ribbon game and proceeded to eat the ribbon, ofcourse being a ribbon, it's not supposed to be eaten. So here is Lenny with half a meter of ribbon stuck down his throat, which I had to pull out, and was all covered in his stomach and throat bile. Good times!!

Doesn't he know he can't eat ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously not.

It makes it harder and harder to leave the house when you think.. "hmm maybe he will eat that book I left out and choke to death??" as he does have a penchant for paper. I cant leave tickets to things out because he will eat them and no venue is going to accept the excuse "my cat ate my homework"

It's always a relief to come home and and see that he has survived the day without eating a bottle of shampoo or other poisons that any normal cat would have no interest in.

6 lives left!

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KittyMeow said...

Ah poor silly Lenny ;-P

My cat Boof is quite stupid too - he likes to chew on things he shouldn't like headphone cables and MacPro power plugs. He also likes to bash things repeatedly with his head - that's why he's called Boof. Dumb cat.

They're so cute tho ;-P