Friday, September 03, 2010

Chipmunks and Guns: Aka: Barthelona

Before we embarked on our trip to Barcelona my biggest concern was what type of lisp to cultivate? "Barthelona" or "Barshelona".. in the end I went for the "th"

This is Barthelona:

mmmmmmmmmmmmm Snail Tapas... seriously this still has it's eye stalks! It tasted fine, but was mentally disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting:

Soooooooo. they're nude. Why are they nude?? who knows. They aren't charging people to take photos of thier nudeness. It seems like they just enjoy being nude. The guy with the elephant penis and underpants tattoo I can understand - because he went to all that effort. But the guy who is just nude? maybe he saw elephant man and decided he liked being nude and had found a kindred spirit.

There are lots of random things in Barthelona - (naked men). You can buy a chipmunk and a samurai sword or an AK47, which they say you can just put in your hand luggage to avoid detection (nice advice! but I dont think the chipmunk would survive)


Coincidentally, not called Stiges...

The Train Station Incident:

"Hola, where do your trains to Stiges go from??"
"Yes Stiges! You know the Beach?? (mimes swimming)"
"No Stiges??"
Arghhhhhhhhhhh don't you barcelonians know your own beaches!!

Ahhhhh the beach is called Sitges.. I would not have been able to pronounce that. Stiges it is.

Barcelona and its Stigey beaches are the most queenslandiest equivalent I have come across. Beautiful clear blue water (the perfect temperature!) nice sand, cabanas.. and no ozone layer.

Seriously, I thought we had an ozone layer in this part of the world. Apparently not.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo Burnt.

Unfortunately I was burnt to a crisp on our second day, so on third day whilst we did the Guadi Tour I was hobbling around at a rate of 2 steps per minute. I call this part of the trip the sitting and applying of Aloe Vera Gel Tour.

So my third degree burns are tanning nicely and I will have a sic Mediterranean Tan next week for our stint on the Amalfi Coast..... on one side.

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Michelle said...

This post was exciting!

1. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD elephant penis is spot on. I would die of fright if someone I was seeing had been hiding that thing behind CLOTHES so maybe this is just his way to disclose the risks you may be taking if you decide to do the nasty with him. And by risks, I'm referring to the bruises you'd receive on the top edge of your uterus.

2. Plus your legs. Reddest I've ever seen. Did you get sunstroke, vomiting and stuff? Yikes! I always thought the European sun was gentler than that.