Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things you didn't know about Liverpool.

This weekend, the Gang caught the train to Liverpool. Two hours later and we were in the city of The Beatles! I don't know why they don't just rename it: Beatlespool, because that is about the only reason people have to go there.

Liverpool is................ skanky. BUT it has a rich cultural history which makes it cool. It's like this: Bombed Out Church, Bum Fights, Boarded Up Shop, Burned Out Building, Banksy, Uber Expensive Restaurant and Bar, Historical Grade 1 Building, somewhere John Lennon/Paul McCartney did something.

It's like..... sooooooooooooooo random.

First thing on the Liverpool Tour is a trip to the Beatles Museum, which doesn't really tell you anything you didn't already know, and I know this because my dad watches 2 things on constant rotation: Beatles Anthologies, and Holocaust Documentaries. I could have given the tour.

Then a bit of wandering around nice buildings, which turn out aren't so nice (more on this later) and then accidentally stumbling across the first ever Gay Pride Parade.

What?? Haven't you ever seen a gay dog and a man dressed up in rainbow boots and furry yellow manboobs??? Well, these Liverpoolians sure hadn't.. and look i'm not being a looksist person, but Liverpool isn't full of the most good looking bunch of people, it's not like Sydney's Mardi Gras, where every tranny that walks past has better legs than any woman in the vaccinity. Liverpool is a rough man's city, I dont think they even advertised their first Pride Festival, given that a very burly man walked past us with his dog and into the festival going "that's fookin gay".

The evening was spent going to the Cavern Club where the Beatles did their thing before they were famous.. but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. We arrived at the street and saw the CAVERN sign, and down we went.. oh what? this is the Cavern PUB.. not the Cavern Club?? right.

So the Cavern PUB is like this: imagine a place where Dad's go to hang with other Dads, Dads on Guitar, Dads on Drums, Dads on the dancefloor with their Dad Beers dancing Dad-Like to Dad Songs. It's Dad Town, and coincidentally so not the place we wanted to be.

Up to earth again and we found the Cavern CLUB. this is more like it.

This is the place to visit. Every famous band and singer has played here. It's awesome.

Now here are some things you might not know about Liverpool: did you know that it was one of the main hubs for Slave Ships during the Transatlantic Slave Trade?? yeah. Not cool. There were no Beatles songs about that. Boo You Slave Masters and your fancy buildings that you built from the pain of forced labour and selling slaves to plantation farmers.

They also built a lot of ships that sunk: including The Titanic.

So, Liverpool. Great if you like Music, Not so great if you are a time travelling slave from the 1700's.

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