Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Protest Against Racist Seaside Holiday Cottages

When you are searching for spacial seaside holiday cottages and the information listed says PETS ALLOWED, does your mind not turn to a variety of pets??

dogs.. cats... rabbits... birds..

I mean, if they're saying Pet's Allowed they really should mean that, but what they actually mean is: Dogs allowed.

It's so racist.

Lenny does not approve.

What is so great about dogs?? what damage is a cat going to do that a dog won't?? I assure you the extent of Lenny's Legacy in the Holiday House would be a patch of fur in the carpet from where he has sat in front of the fireplace for seven straight days.

Best not to let Lenman know about the Haters. He will rip the place to shreds to prove a point. With DOGS SUCK spelled out in nuggets in his litter..

I am just going to have to do the only thing left for me to do, and that is shave lenny, put a diaper on him and carry him around like a newborn baby in one of those chest slings.

I'm gonna organise a parade, and every animal who has ever been denied a room on vacation should come, to all the birds who were denied places on the QE2 (too Piratey) and the rabbits who were denied rooms on the farm (too watership downey junior) and the snakes denied vegas hot tub suites (too snakey - are you filming a 1990's music video??)


Rosa Parks! Rosa Parks!

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