Wednesday, August 04, 2010


So, it goes without saying that the stupid NHS is just annoying and stupid...(or so I thought)

I had to go to the doctors five times to get my pill prescription.
I had to register, then I had to have a nurse do a check up, then I had to go back to get a prescription from a nurse, then I had to go back to collect the prescription (but they close early on Thursdays...) so I had to go back again. All in All... not impressed with the lack of speediness in this country.

But I do see the perks of having just one doctor and having all your medical records in one place. My medical records are sprawled out allllll over sydney, I would go to doctors wherever I needed to - specially if I happened to find a bulk billing place. It was good because you could get as many prescriptions from all over the city and they are none the wiser because your information isn't being held in one establishment. But I can see how that is a dangerous thing.

In London you have one doctor, and that's it. If you want to change doctors you have to re-register and the ball-ache of it would just not be worth it (unless you moved to the other side of the city)

So anyway, I finally get my pill prescription and go to the Boots and they hand over my 6 months worth with a £0.00 owing sticker on the front.. i'm like "?? this can't be right" so I go back up to the counter and ask if there has been a mistake because all these drugs can't possibly be free.

Yep. They are free.

The Pill is freakin FREE in this country!!!!!!

You know what I did before I left home.. went to about 2 doctors and got 9 months prescription so I wouldn't run out. cost me about $200. what a fucking numpty.

I just can't get over the fact that something that used to cost me about $30 a month is now free. It's so liberating.. but rightly so, considering that I pay at least £100 a month in NI.

I wonder what else is free?? It would be my dream to have free psychotherapy so I could go into a nice therapy room and dance around for an hour singing weird songs going "is this normal??"

Goddam I love this country.


Wood said...

I did the EXACT same thing before I left Australia.

I think it should be in some kind of moving brief from the government. That and if you get your wisdom teeth out over here, it's waaaaaay cheaper and you get clotted cream ice cream after.

Rach said...

really.......... i already got them out. again: what a fool!

hopefully I can get some free stuff my way: free birth, free hip replacement

yeah! it's like winning the free drug lottery!

Sarah said...

That is pretty darn good. Should be free here too. Makes me think there's even less excuse for their high teenage birthrate, though. The kids who are breeding when there's free pill available must be steeyoooopid.

Anonymous said...

Children get free prescriptions too (I felt like I'd won lotto walking out with a big baggie of eczema cream that used to cost $15 per tube back home!) oh and Vasectomies are free too (not that your really on the lookout for a cheap one of those...).

We racked up 1,000's of dollars on our credit card in dental work (including both of us having our wisdom teeth removed) in Aus before we left because we thought it would be cheaper! doh!

Gotta love NHS (except for their bitchy receptionists...they suck).