Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Downfall of the Dragon

It's always interesting when you see a mogul fall from grace because of an illicit love affair - recently being the David Jones scandal. Personally if I was ever going to bring down an empire I would be targetting Peter Jones from Dragons Den:

First of all, he isn't that unfortunate looking like most millionaires. He had the sense to have his teeth capped for one, even though it would be like staring into a face of gravestones late at night - I could let this pass for the giant payout I would receive at the other end.

How to bring down The Dragon though??

I would have to get onto the show, and when asked what my business proposition is, I just crotch thrust in Peter's direction and ask if he wants to invest in this..I would also have a rare breed of spanish pig in the room with me to distract the other Dragons whilst I procure my Dragon with the thrust of seduction.

If that doesn't work I don't know what will????

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