Thursday, August 19, 2010

Burrito Girl

It has to be said. My faaaaaaaaaavourite food in the whole world is Burritos. At my next wedding i'll be serving Burritos and Margaritas. I routinely stalk the Portobello Road burrito man, who comes and goes and changes location each week, I have been moved to ask perfect strangers carrying white napkins around if they were just eating a burrito and if they could point me in the direction of Burrito Man.

Unfortunately Burrito Man is like a mist you can't quite get hold of. Which is why I am thankful for the existence of Chilangos.

Last year during our Holiday we went to Chilangos, and my life changed at that moment. Welcome to the world of the instant Burrito!!!!!!! It's like a subway for Burritos. Beans/chicken/beef/guacamole/salsa... the bomb.

Then when we decided to move to London 6 weeks later I was easily swayed "that just makes me 200,000,000 miles closer to Chilangos!"

Then on my first morning in London after a grueling 23 hour flight. I hadn't even showered and was running on zombie instincts, I somehow, found my way to the tube, got out at Angel station and went to Chilango's at like 10 in the morning.

I haven't eaten a burrito for breakfast before or since then, but it's the one thing that makes me laugh when I think about my first day when I moved here. I don't even know how I remembered where Chilangos was? or how I navigated my way through the tube and even found an Oyster card??

At any rate, I still love Chilangos and any reason to go to Angel requires a mandatory burrito. Tonight we are going to see 'The Pretty Reckless' in Angel and I don't know what part I am most excited about - seeing Little J on stage in her pantless panda eyes stripper shoes, pretending to be Blair Waldorf swooping in and ruining Little J's big moment... or if I am most excited about a reason to get a chicken and black bean burrito. I have a feeling it is the latter.

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