Friday, July 23, 2010

Worst Necklace Ever Made

These, I'm quite certain, qualify for the worlds most ugly jewelery lifetime achievement awards:

I mean, unless looking like a frilly poof from the 1800's is your thing?? or looking like a circus clown???

I guess the sad thing is that this woman who made these .. painstakingly made these, and posed in her creations, thinks that some fool is going to pay $22 for these bizarre neck abominations.

They could come in handy though, they're not what you would really call inconspicuous jewelery by any means, maybe they should make alcoholics/drug addicts and child molesters sport these things rather than the well hidden SCRAM bracelet. There wouldn't be any need to send these people to jail or rehabilitation either - because wearing that necklace is punishment enough I reckon.

I think i'll buy 10 and send them to Lindsay Lohan.

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