Tuesday, July 06, 2010


so. there is a cat in the house again.

there are things you forget about when there hasn't been a cat in the house:

the feeling of litter underfoot when you step out of the shower
cat hair all over everything
cat hair in your mouth whilst you sleep

lenny has also become the biggest blanket hog, i have mentioned in the past the mysterious powers that 'black blanky' holds over both humans and felines alike, well lenny has declared black blanky his own, and completely haired it up. Owned.

he has also changed his sleeping patterns in that he used to always be up the top of the bed with his head on the pillow in the middle, and now he is sleeping where my legs want to be. all the time. so i'm cramping up and having to sleep on the sliver of the edge. so worth it though. love that cat.

the one thing that i did completely forget about is when lenny gets windinass and runs around the house all crazy and meowing at 3am. Windinass, is a state of mind that cats get in, when they have wind in their ass. I'm not sure if the London wind feels differently to Sydney wind, but lenny has definitely has windinass the past few nights.

ahhh sleep. who needs it?? i have cat-love to get me through the day.

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Fen said...

LOL, I LOVE it when cats get the wind up their arses! It makes me giggle muchly. My cat seems intent on sleeping in my leg place too, it drives me potty!!