Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things I'm not too pleased about...

L'Occitane. They keep fucking with me. Now, I have super sensitive skin - and have been known to swell up like a balloon if something I happen to be allergic to, so much as touches me. I'm pretty much allergic to everything that comes out of the Body Shop (which doesn't say much about that company really) I did find my magical face cream though, a lovely Honey Cream from L'Occitane. Loved It! so not allergic. I used it for about 3 years until I went into the shop one day and they had discontinued it!!!!!!!! Rude. So they gave me some samples of other moisturisers, and yep - I was allergic to those ones as well. Luckily my swelling died down enough for me to write a ranty email to L'Occitane for making me look like a burns victim and they sent me 3 tubs of my discontinued line, and a new product that was Honey and Lemon... not really down with the Lemon part, but what can you do?? I had no choice.. 2 years later, and I am hooked on this Honey/Lemon cream, so I go into L'Occitane to buy my next installment and they have friggen discontinued it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is is about my face and the moisturiser that goes on it that screams "discontinue!" . I swear if I like it, it must be on some list for destruction.

It's just so annoying because now I have to try a new one, and the new one is smaller, and more expensive. I swear they do this just to fuck with you.

Other things they discontinued without my approval:

Milo Bars: original. Milo Bars may have been 'new and improved' but that doesn't mean they have to get rid of the 'old and inferior' version! I liked them the best!!!! Crumbly Milo Goodness dunked into milk. crunchy knobbly bits have NO PLACE in a Milo Bar.

Tom Kha Gai Soup: It goes without saying that I am mental for Trident's spicy noodle soup, I was even more mental when I had more than one soup to choose from... nay though, they discontinued it. fuckers.

I think there should be some sort of list you can get on, so you get an alert when something you like is about to be discontinued so you can stage a protest out the front of the building.

I'm not happy about this constant discontinued line of things I like!!

I will shit on your windscreens!!!!!!!!!!

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Sarah said...

Love the pigeon picture and the conclusion, Rach :)