Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things I used to HATE, but now can't live without

There is a certain mystifying element of growing up, you change, your body changes, your taste pallet expands, you change so much that you could be a completely different person to the person you were 15 years ago.

Throughout my life I have gone through some major love/hates, these are the ones that confound me the most:

CHEESE: used to hate it. Couldn't stand it. Cheese in salad?? disgusting! Cheese on toast!! what is wrong with you?? I hated cheese all throughout my childhood, I hated the smell of it, the only thing I could come close to regarding cheese were those cheesesticks that are so plastic they are about as removed form cheese as the moon is from the sun. Then the world of Camembert changed my life. I can't live without cheese. My favourite thing in the world is to stand around and eat a giant block of cheese. I have eaten nothing but a plate of cheese for dinner. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to eat cheese. If I was to learn the world was going to explode I would move into a cheese factory and spend the rest of my days lying in a giant vat of warm cheese.

WOOL: I hated wool, I hated the feel of wool, I hated wearing wool. I would cry if I was left in a room with wool. There was just something not right about wool. It felt so awful on my skin, I can remember having to wear this giant woolly jumper and hating every minute of it, I felt scarred afterwards and my hatred of wool was hence born into a lifetime of contempt towards it and anything wool related. (watch out Sheep!) of course, I now love wool and cover myself in it whenever I can.. woolen socks, woolen blankets, woolen scarves, and especially woolen jumpers. I can't get enough of wool these days.

MUSHROOMS: hated it. If anything came near me with mushrooms so much as touching it I wouldn't eat it, or I would spend hours ridding any dishes that had come into contact with any mushrooms. Nothing was more disgusting than a mushroom. Of course these days, 90% of my meals have mushrooms. I love mushrooms. Mushrooms for breakfast (with butter) Mushroom Pasta, Mushroom Pizza, Mushroom Risotto, Baked Mushrooms. Seriously - they are natures superfoods!! I'm also partial to the magical variety.

ART GALLERIES: nothing is more boring to an 11 year old than an art gallery. It also doesn't help the fact that the art gallery of NSW is the shittiest art gallery in the world, unless paintings of the australian landscape does it for you (zero interest on my behalf to this day) however, once I started to travel the world and my eyes were opened to good art, now I can't get enough of Art Galleries, hence my 4 hour standing in a queue in Florence in order to see the Botticelli's.

DOGS: Dogs used to scare the crap out of me, but now I like them. It take a few nice dogs to change the way I feel about dogs - namely Lola the most timid dog in existence, but once you cross that threshold into liking dogs, then its not long until you start wanting one of your own (although I'm sure Lenny would kill me before he allowed that to happen).

PANTS: now I know 'pants' mean undies in the UK, but I will never call Pants "slacks" so Pants they are, and boy did I hate them. I hated everything about pants and would rather go naked than wear a pair of shorts. I didn't wear pants until I was about 10 years old. Dress Girl Forever. I don't break out in a sweat anymore if the possibility of wearing pants arises.

MOUSTACHES: I used to burst into tears if I saw a man with a moustache, and have a nervous breakdown if I had to speak to one, or be in a room with one. What is that about?? I way less racist towards a moustached face these days. It can't have been easy being a guy with a moustache and a child taking one look at your face and running screaming from the room.

I've always hated Hairdressers though. Hater for Life.


Becky said...

I've had the opposite transition with cheese, used to love it but now I can't stand it. Especially cheese in salad, that confuses me...

It is interesting how things change as we get older. Right now you think 'I'll be like this forever!', when in reality you'll probably forget thinking that in a couple of days. Mushrooms and hazelnuts are my recent addictions, but if you had said that to me a few years ago I would have thought you were crazy!

TheTweedz said...

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Thought you would be interested.
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