Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pfft Maths??? Who uses that..

Yeah, so now might be the best time to tell my work that I spent all my time in maths class

a) plotting how to spend one night of passion with Daniel Johns
b) making funny noises
c) coming to class without underpants on and laughing all lesson
d) not doing maths

To be fair though, the 'no underpants in class' is a classic, and I stand by it, I just wish I had a friend to play 'no underpants at work' with....

To be honest though, I doubt even if I wasn't not paying attention that I would have learnt anything at that school for retards. Two problems on the chalkboard supposed to entertain us for the duration of the lesson. Pfffffffft. I would have received a better education from some christian missionary's at a school in Uganda.... (at least I would have learnt to carry 10 litres of water on my head - and that is a skill that would actually come in handy)


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