Monday, July 19, 2010

My Preciousssssssssss Soup

I've been in London for nine months now, wandered the grocery aisles, become accustomed to the strange and exotic food they have over here, magical treats that go by the name 'hobnobs' and other such luxuries... however it has taken my this long to remember that I am missing one key food ingredient from my cupboard.

Dehydrated Oily Noodles.

Sure they have their own brands of dehydrated oily noodles over here, but nothing that is exactly like this one that I am addicted to. You can't do summer without copious amounts of dehydrated Trident Tom Yum Goong Oily Noodles. It already feels like christmas time to me - i've got my cherries, pistachio nuts, smoked salmon... but no TOM YUM GOONG!!

Each time I went shopping in summer back in Sydney I would load up the trolley with about 30 packets of soup - what the hell right?? they are only 90c each! So accustomed I was to having a horde of oily soup at my whim, that when I moved over here I callously forgot to bring provisions for when the weather heated up and there was only two things on the dinner menu: oily noodle soup and watermelon slices. mmmmmmmm.

What to do?? I blew on my friends and family horn - and sent out my signal of "in Noodle Soup Distress" and about a week later I have TEN whole packets in my hands. mmmmmmmmm

How to correctly ration them out though?? I mean, oily noodle soup is at it's best when its got two servings of soup in the bowl, I can't very well go using two packets of my foreign, exotic, expensive soup now! The only way I can enjoy my fancy illegally imported soup now is to dress up in a ball gown, pop a nice vintage Veuve Clicquot, and serve my oily soup in some antique silverware from the 1800's...

mmmmmm noodle soup!

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