Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Birthday Treebrains

Often when I am glued to the couch on a sunday afternoon, my eve spent swilling top shelf Ale amongst friends and countrymen... I think to myself.... "what does a vegan eat to stave off a hangover??"

Deep Fried Carrots??
Greasy Chickpeas???

I just don't think it would have the same punch to the stomach as a bucket of fried chicken from Chicken Cottage - which now I have been drunker and wiser, now know that Chicken Cottage's only true purpose in this life is to be the 100% Sunday Afternoon Hangover Cure.

I rag on Chicken Cottage a lot. When we are away in far away exotic lands, running over hill, over dale, my cotton dress flying out behind me as I jump into a pile of Autumn leaves on the crest of a mountain over a lake a pristine as a miror.. I say to Mark "stupid chicken cottage" fugging up our street with it's greasy chicken-ness. My street will never be the caricature of quaint English countryside as long as Chicken Cottage is in existence.

And yet - in my hour of need, after waking up at 11am and drinking 2 litres of water directly from the tap, and going back to bed for a 4 hour nap and rousing gently at 3pm.. the only thing that can get me going again is a nice chicken breast coated in magical chicken cottage spices. MMmmm.

To be fair though, if I had half a brain on me, I would have taken home the Treebrains from the park from my picnic which lead me to be in this chicken cottage state to begin with.

What are the Treebrains you ask??

This delicious fungus goes by many names, but the most fitting of all I think is the Treebrain.

I first discovered Treebrains when I was reading this blog. I have always wanted to come across my own treebrain to eat, and finally the manky tree in Hyde Park where I had my champagne fueled birthday picnic has come through with the goods.

According to Steve the highly regarded guinea pig of 'Steve Don't Eat It' - Treebrains taste like lemon chicken when warmed up in a frying pan, and you know - I bet a nice hot serving of treebrains would have helped that hangover far more than a greasy bucket of steroid freak chicken.


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Moi said...

When you are sober, it's called Cottage Chicken, but when you are drunk, it's referred to as "Dirty Bird".

I miss Dirty Bird...