Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oooh Laa oo Ra-Ra

The best concert I have ever seen was Kylie Minogue's 'On A Night Like This' tour in 2001. The sets, the costumes, the dancers. It has been unparalleled for the past 10 years. Even though I love seeing certain bands perform; silverchair, Hole... Nothing could compare to that concert in terms of its spectacular spectacular element.

Lady Gaga changed all that.
Last night I went to The Monster Ball, and it was the sic-est concert I have ever seen.

First up though.... The opening act "semi precious weapons" wow. these guys will be mega huge. I loved all their songs, the lead guy is the gayest gay who ever nanced down the pike with unrivalled stage presence. I predict big things with my inner prediction-o-meter. I'm glad they are playing for more than 12 people and feel like fucking rockstars.

Sidenote: what the fuck is with people who stand at a concert and film the whole fucking show on their shitty phones and tiny cameras!?!??! when are you ever going to watch that grainy piece of shit footage??? I find it so frustrating when you are trying to watch the performance on stage and some nonce in front of you has both hands in the air in your viewing position filming the whole concert. Some jerk had a phone in one hand and a camera in the other!??! are you going to sell that footage?? the same footage that 20,000 other assholes filmed on their shit cameras?? Sorry, but I go to concerts to enjoy them and watch them with my eyeballs, not through a screen - and if I ever did want to watch the footage I'd wait for a properly mastered DVD to hit the shelves.

Anyway.. the concert.

We are in the 02 Arena, which is much smaller than I anticipated - I was figuring it would be the size of Acer but I was happily surprised to note that it was no bigger than the Sydney Entertainment Centre. We are front row centre.

The show begins with footage of Lady Gaga being projected onto the curtains and the first bars of 'Dance in the Dark' begins - I am so happy because this is one of my favourite tracks from the Fame Monster album. The set reveals her standing on a podium singing behind the curtain with just her silhouette on display. When this song is over the curtain rises and the show has officially begun.

The Monster Ball Tour is a place that she is taking us, on a figurative, imaginative, musical rock journey. The set involves a car that is broken down - and she goes into her next song 'Just Dance'. Her back up dancers and her band are great. the boys are all super sexy and homosexual, and the band is tight with the back-up singers the perfect mix of melody without chiming into the main vocals of Gaga.

Other songs she performs are: Eh Eh, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Lovegame, The Fame, Money Honey, Boys Boys Boys, So Happy I Could Die, Poker Face, Brown Eyes, Teeth, Monster, Speechless, Alejandro, Telephone, Paparazzi, Bad Romance.

All the while she takes us on a journey on a subway, through the forest, through a tornado, and battles a giant fame monster to end up at the Monster Ball.

Lady Gaga engages the audience the entire time, opening up with details about herself, and speaking her Gaga Manifesto, calling us all her Little Monsters (which the salute for is the "Claw" made so famous in the Bad Romance filmclip) She sets her piano on fire and lies on the keys playing in just her stilettos she lays herself on the pyre as a sacrifice for us.. In between songs and sets there are little skits about the journey to the monster ball - complete with amazing costume changes throughout. Lady Gaga covers herself in blood and asks us to clap for her or she will die. She says no man will ever hold a candle to the love she has for her fans and she will die on stage performing for us one day.

The Costumes: Most of the time she is a scantily clad gaga, however it is always a layer upon layer contraption that she sheds to reveal the whore's outfit that lies beneath.

I found the concert was reminiscent of the Madonna's 'Blonde Ambition' Tour of the 1990's. She employs the same costumes and dancing and gay boys, but with a much more modern take. Lady Gaga is able to outshine her contemporaries for the fact that she isn't just a singing dancing muppet, she is vocally amazing with a talent for playing instruments - which is always lacking in other arena spectaculars of the other power women of the main stage.

Overall I found the concert incredibly fun, innovative, creative - even if she is stealing from the fore mothers of arena pop-princesses, she is doing it in a new theatrical way which is a rock cabaret that everyone can enjoy, from the 8 year olds who saw their first homosexual interracial kiss, and the 80 year olds who saw a revamped version of the old which come and come again, but at least this time the main act sets the stage on fire, slays the monster and delivers all her hits to a jumping crowd who sing along to her every song.... well the ones that weren't holding two cameras were (losers)



Michelle said...

I <3 Lady Gaga so badly! I saw her in early April in Perth at the uber-poxy Burswood Dome (famously awful venue) and she was FANFUCKINGTASTIC.

She is truly truly talented, unique and exciting (in more ways than one - so fucking hot!)

I've never heard a thing about her that didn't make me love her more.

Rach said...

she's playing again in December, and I am buying tickets. today.

suze2000 said...

So Fucking Jealous.

Wonder if she's coming back here?