Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Irrational Arguments Explained

This one is dedicated to all the guys out there who have once upon a time asked their women if they would like something from the shops - and ended up with a cucumber thrown at their heads.

I know it must be hard living with women "irrational crazy emotional moodswing psychotic women" and you'd be right, but it does help if you try not to press our psycho buttons and do things right for a change.

Scenario: home on a saturday afternoon. me - on the couch in the middle of doing something important. Him - comes over and asks me if I need anything from the shops.

My answer: no
His retort: are you sure?
My answer: for fucks sake NO!!!!!!! i said NO!!!!!!! i'm in the middle of something, if i want something i'll go myself later, why do I have to make all the decisions around here about food?
His retort: I just asked if you wanted something from the shops!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Stop being such an asshole!!!!!!!! (cue: throwing implement)

What is going through my head during this exchange: what a fucking idiot!!! I already said No, don't ask me again and get mad at me when I already gave you my answer the first time!!!!!!!!! I am sitting here doing something, just make a decision on your own for once. Do I have to do everything?!?!

Why can't you just look in the cupboard yourself and figure out if we need anything?? and don't ask me what I need! because essentially that is just asking "what do you need, so you can make something for lunch" why do I have to make all the food around here?! how hard is it to see what ingredients we are lacking and make an executive decision to buy something and make me something for a change!!!!!!!!!

Huh!! are you too useless to make me a sandwich for once! How will you be when I have a baby? will you be this useless when I have a baby hanging off my tit? will i have to make all the decisions about the house then too? cant you help out more? when i have a baby you better go to the shops and buy food for the both of us, because I will be way too tired to go shopping and clean and look after a baby, god why are you so fucking useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't even put away 3 towels that are clearly dry and been hanging out on the washing line for days now?! if I didn't do it they would continue to be out there until the end of days. And you can't wash up properly either. Goddamit Do I have to do everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is why you get a kick in the ballsack and something thrown at your head when you ask us two times if we want something from the shops.

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kathryn said...

r u off the pill? that's a pretty crazy mood swing.

Are you having babies soon!!