Monday, June 28, 2010

I saw a Beatle

I saw a Beatle.
I was at most.... 10 rows from a Beatle.
A Beatle!

Sunday is what I will refer to formally as "Paul McCartney Day" PMCD.

PMCD was held in Hyde Park. I think a crowd of 100,000 people were there. 100,000 crazy Beatle fans.

We arrived at Hyde Park around 2pm and elbowed and maneuvered our way to the front. I don't go to concerts and stand midway. It's the front or nothing. This is a Beatle after all, I need to see the sweat beads drop down his nose onto the piano.

I guess the good thing that can be said about a Paul McCartney crowd is that they aren't a bunch of drunken yobbos, and you can find a spot and stand comfortably knowing that you wont get a broken leg from some overly enthusiastic douchebags who rush the stage as soon as the first note hits the air.

Mark and I found our Blanket of Safety, which was owned by the 'sexy beast' tanned 50 year olds... if we had one foot on the blanket we were in our safety zone. No one was going to get our spot that we spent 5 hours clambering for.

The pre-Paul entertainment consisted of: Elvis Costello (who needs a drum kit) Crowded House (didn't you break up??? I guess Tim Finn has all the rights to the good songs..) and Crosby Still & Nash, who are grandpa's but goddam they can shred that shit up!!!!!!! Shred that shit Shredder.

so we waited...and played Waiting Politics.

Waiting Politics is a game you play when the headliner is about to start and everyone is edgy.. and hungry.. I personally forgot that I get hungry and my blood sugar gets low when I see a concert that I am dying for (watching bands burn more calories than usual), I usually remember when the first song starts and I realise i'm about to pass out.. luckily I remembered during a warm up act, so I wolfed down some hot dog, carrot cake and pepsi in about 2 mins after maneuvering out of the 50,000 crowd to get to the food stand. (girls can do anything).. then sat around on our safety blanket and listened to the crazy arguments that people come up with in a crowd, getting testy in the heat.

* tall people shouldn't be allowed at the front and should all stand at the back.. (not fair!? don't hate on me cos I won the genetics lottery)

* omg, what was the point of getting here early if people are going to arrive an hour beforehand and push their way to the front??!?! (cos that's what people in crowds do peeps!)

We also had an OCD control freak in front of us who wanted to a) control where everyone was standing, b) knew the setlist Paul was going to play (he was wrong) c) could singer louder than Paul McCartney (um shut up) and d) found the tag on my shirt annoying so tried to manhandle my shirt off me (you freak)

The sun was still high in the sky at 7.30 when Sir Paul graced us with his god-like presence. There is something about seeing someone whose music has completely shaped your life. I jumped up and screamed at the heavens for 3 hours straight.

Paul played so great. He played every song you would want to hear. He played old timey beatles song, he played Wings songs, he played 'tequila' for the hell of it. Paul is a natural comedienne - he really engages the crowd.. Paul did 4 Encores.

Paul sang songs for George Harrison, songs of John Lennon, songs for Linda, songs for Stella, and songs for all of us. When Paul sang 'Hey Jude' I think you would have been able to hear the crowd singing 'na, na, na, na na na na, na na na na, Hey Jude' from space.

The crowd went nuts for 3 hours. Everyone was so happy. Paul had fireworks, explosions, a Magical Mystery Tour piano, ukulele's, he had everything.

The best songs for me were: Band on the Run (2 songs in 1!!) Hey Jude, and Yesterday. I wish my friends could have been there with me, and my dad could have seen it. That was the one thing that was missing from the day.

Love you Paul


po said...

I was at the Pearl Jam concert the night before, and the crowd was "a bunch of drunken yobbos," and I couldn't "find a spot and stand comfortably knowing that you wont get a broken leg from some overly enthusiastic douchebags who rush the stage as soon as the first note hits the air." I got thrown around and squashed and pummeled but it was definitely worth it.

Rach said...

im over being thrown around at gigs. done that all through my teenage years. now its time to stand and appreciate. plus ever since having my ankle twisted at a concert by some fucktard yobbos i have been turned off the moshpit. I'd have to stand at the back with binoculars like an old lady douche if i wanted to see Pearl Jam.

"play aliiiiiiive"

po said...

That's exactly how I feel now. Next time, binocs and foam padding.

kathryn said...

That made me get tears in my eyes!!
I hope I get to see him one day. So glad you had such a great experience. Hope you played some guitar hero along to BOTR!!