Saturday, June 05, 2010

Guess Who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who is back after a loooooooooong absence...........

Look's who's back.
Back again
Lenman's back.
Bring a friend.


He is moving to England on Wednesday, so there is a lot of excitement in the air.. Lenny Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!

He will probably be a lot less excited, what with the enemas, strange cage, terminal velocities, but he will be more excited when we take him to his new home (tiny apartment) where he can take his angst out on our landlords couch. The days of taking it out Sydney's couches are drawing to a close....

At least he flies via Kuala Lumper, even I haven't been there!! he better pick me up some souveniers.. (flight poos are not acceptable)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee Lenman!!!!!!!!!!!! The love of my life.. (sorry mark)

1 comment:

tropicaltimes said...

YAY, soo happy for you three to joined together again...sounds biblical ...exciting stuff, got the day off I assume xxxx