Thursday, June 10, 2010

the first 24

Last night I had the option of going to a Strokes gig, as they were playing a secret gig in Camden Lock - tickets had gone on sale the night before for £10, and were selling on ebay for £400.. being that I work in Camden - a couple of friends and I decided that we would carry some cords and lighting equipment around and pretend to be part of the crew in order to sneak in.. yeah that HDMI cable can work wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!... but instead I ran home to be with Lenny.

Strokes Shmokes... it's all about Lenny's first 24 hours in London.

I ran to the tube. I tapped my foot impatiently for the 6 stops home. I skidded across the platform and pushed in front of some idiot who couldn't use his Oyster card properly and then ran up Ladbroke Grove till I got to my front door, sprinted up the stairs and opened my door and put my face in Lenny's hairy belly.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. bliss.

There is no doubt in my mind that Lenny remembered who I was - a few insensitive jerks had been harping on the whole time Lenny was away that he wouldn't know who I was when he got here.. well in your face!!!!!!!! he knew. He was flopping around on the floor and shadowing me around the house, and at night he purred the whole night and slept in every single one of his sleeping positions. On the blankets, under the blankets, in the armpit nook, pressed up against my back, in the vag-nook, in mark's nook, with his head on the pillow. So cosy!!!

So far - he is enjoying the London scene from our kitchen window.

Not that Lenny knows where he is i'm sure.. although that looooooong trip in the weird plane surely must have figured something in his brain that he is not in Neutral Bay anymore. But I do have some tips for him so that he becomes London Streetsmart - should he ever stick his head out in the freedom beyond the flowerbed ledge.

Point 1: 1 and 2 pence are useless -throw these in the bin. They are nice treats for homeless Indian children who live on garbage dumps in Mumbai to find when they get shafted with all our garbage as that is what the western world does to them.

Point 2: out of the 6 seats on the tube that you sit in, 2 out of those 6 people in these seats will have some kind of mental illness - the talking to yourself mental illness, or the OCD rubbing moisturiser all over your face mental illness... luckily most people in London are used to mental people and don't blink an eye.

Point 3: don't illegally dump garbage on my garbage tree or I will smash your face in.

I think as long as Lenny can get his head around these things - London and Lenny will be simpatico.


Fen said...

aw I'm so very glad that Lenny is settling in well. I was stressed enough when I flew my two cats from Melbourne to QLD, though I think I was more stressed than them!

Sez said...

Yay! Lenman has arrived! Such a long wait. And pah to people who think that cats won't remember their owners. It's all about the smell. (I remember her!)

Amy said...

Aw, your reunion with Lenny makes me want to cry - I couldn't imagine being separated from my cats for so long. Glad he's settling in.

Sarah said...

Yay Lenman! So glad you finally have him with you :)