Monday, June 07, 2010

Countdown to Lenman = 48 hours

This is Lenman right now:

Well almost... at the moment he is fuck you-ing the whole world from his transport carrier. He flies out 6am Sydney time on Tuesday morning, so no doubt he is hissing and shitting his pants all over the place.

I did warn the pet couriers that Lenny is 'special' (which means he hates anything not in his comfort zone - which means if he's not on Georgina's couch, or in the vag nook he is going to rip your eyes out) they said they have a room to put cats in that freak out. Good. He is owning that room right now.

He flies over on Malaysian Airlines which is a 5 star airline. phew. only 5 star is good enough for Lenny... specially when you're spending $2500 to get a cat over to England.. yeah $2500, I realise I could buy 2500 regular cats for that, but they aren't and will never be Lenny.

Tick Tock.

1 comment:

sharnee said...

When you mentioned this "cat freak out room" I imagined it like a chill out room where they can rest and relax and drink some G&T and eat some cat snacks and talk about how shit flying on planes is. But I guess it's not quite like that....
EXCITING! When does he touch down?